Pocket UT: Hand-Held Ultrasonic Full C-Scan System


Pocket UT, the world’s first (and only) battery-operated, hand-held,

stand-alone, full C-Scan data acquisition system. With its portability

and ease of use coupled with its full C-Scan capability, the Pocket UT

system (along with its available companion scanners - or other

compatible devices) is ideal for on-site inspection applications. It

quickly assesses the presence, depth, shape and orientation

of cracks, flaws, corrosion/erosion, delaminations, and internal

anomalies in a variety of structures, materials and surfaces.

   Key Features

  • 1k pulses per second
  • Operates in A-Scan, B-Scan, flaw/thickness or full C-Scan modes
  • 2-axis manual or automated scanner interface
  • Easy hand-held operation
  • Up to 4-hour, integrated battery pack
  • Shortcut keypad and LCD for data entry, analysis and review of results
  • Windows CE software, familiar and easy to operate
  • Optional rolling sensor provides continuous area scan rather than point readings as with other NDT devices
  • C-Scan resolution up to full capability of the scanner
  • Dual gates with initial or first peak synchronization
  • Permanent digital record of the test results
  • Compact Flash card and USB port for data transfer to laptop or desktop PC

Ultrasonic Boards


NDT Automation designs and fabricates (in-house) the majority of its ultrasonic (pulsar/receiver and analog to digital converter) boards. Employing state-of-the-art surface mount and FPGA technologies, NDT Automation ultrasonic boards are available for OEM applications and are also used for the majority of NDT Automation ultrasonic inspection system applications. Our boards are all PCI-bus based and range from 100 MHz through 1 GHz sampling rates.

1.AD-1210-PCI: 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter Board

2.AD-IPR-1210: Integrated Analog to Digital Converter with  Pulser/Receiver

3.AD-81G-PCI: Analog to Digital (A/D) Converter Board


UltraWin™ Windows™ Ultrasonic A, B, C-Scan Software Offers High-Speed Performance and User-Friendly Interface


UltraWin™ is 32-bit, true Windows™ data acquisition, imaging and analysis software system from NDT Automation (NDTA). Designed to be truly user friendly with intuitive pull-down menus and icons, UltraWin is packed with features such as real time A, B, and C-Scan display capability, coupled with powerful post processing modes like zoom, size, characterization of indications and data export to MS Excel™. Advanced features include multiple gates with individual velocities, limit or through B-Scan, raster or polar plotting with full contour following operational support with up to 8 axis motion control capability. Optional software modules available include: pulse-echo weld, TOFD, multichannel, transducer characterization, chain scan, clustering, 3D replay, DAC, supervisor mode, contour following and RF waveform storage.


With our PCI-based AD-IPR-1210 board (400 V, 100 MHz), AD-1210-PCI (100 MHz) or AD-81G-PCI (1 GHz) digitizers in conjunction with complimentary high frequency pulser-receivers, more versatility than ever is now available. Look to NDT Automation for more innovation and value in Ultrasonic C-Scan technology. UltraWin easily retrofits to existing immersion systems for high resolution, color C-Scan computer images that can be manipulated, viewed, interpreted, analyzed and saved for archiving purposes.